Welcome to: Butterfly Oils

Welcome to: Butterfly Oils

Welcome to: Butterfly OilsWelcome to: Butterfly OilsWelcome to: Butterfly Oils

Why do we, Ben & Bailey, sell oils?

 Because we've seen miracles happen from these products being part of our life. Bailey has been sick for going on 3 years and through holistic aids is able to live a happier and healthier life. We've seen her sleep for months  and hardly able to work, to be able to work 60+ hour weeks by adding herbs and essential oils and holistic medicine into our lifestyle. She wouldn't have the health she does now without it. We believe that holistic aids should not cost an arm and a leg. For that very purpose, we've found this company, and that together we are able to give you an amazing product for an even better, and family friendly, price. The health of your family will be our first priority and affordable always. We've seen it bless our lives and hope you can find the same for you and your loved ones.


Did you know each month we give a special?

 Every single month we give you a better price on a few of our products, we want you to get to know and love them as much as we do. We not only sell essential oils, supplements, and alternative health products but so much more! Go click the link and see for yourself! 


Just because we care... Check out the deals!

Having a hard time because you or your family keep catching the flu? Keep the family healthy and happy while getting an amazing deal.

Some of our favorites.... Enjoy!

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